Conceptual Process Design Course & PROSYN® workshop – 2017

Inspired by the successful and well-attended Conceptual Process Design (CPD) course of last year, we combine this year’s CPD course with a PROSYN® workshop. In this workshop participants can experience the power of structured CPD methods using an example or practical case of their own choice.

The Conceptual Process Design Course introduces structured methodologies for Conceptual Process Design and covers the essential elements needed to develop a first process design. At the end of the course participants will be familiar with these aspects, which include the development of a flowsheet, selection and design of reaction- and separation technologies, equipment and process intensification, and generation of an equipment factored (class 4) cost estimate. The course includes several examples of practical cases from the (bio-)chemical industry.

The PROSYN® workshop does not only allow participants to familiarize themselves with artificial intelligence tools for conceptual design, but also enables them to work with PROSYN® on a design problem of their own choice. The conceptual design case may be taken from the daily practice, but it is also possible to run specific examples.

For more information, click here. If you want to register for this course, please contact Marianne Niemantsverdriet by phone +31(0)76.530.1900 or by email.

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