bio-based & circular

Carbon recycling is one of the main challenges in our industry and in society as a whole. PDC is committed to finding circular solutions that eliminate waste and reuse our resources.


Bio-based and circular process developments represent 50% of PDC’s process work.

PDC is actively involved in bio-based, recycling, and waste-based process developments through:

  • Conceptual designs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Independent third-party reviews
  • Cost reduction
  • Reductions in energy/water consumption
  • (Proprietary) process improvements
Process Design Center and Direct Air Capture

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

16 Biorefineries

Over the past 20 years PDC developed a wide variety of biobased and downstream separation processes (DSP) for biofuels, biochemicals and biopolymers. In biorefining alone, we performed the process development and techno-economic assessment of 16 alternative bio-fractionation technologies for clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Technologies include steam explosion, enzymatic hydrolysis, weak and strong acid treatment, supercritical, ionic liquid, and organosolv processes. As an essential part of the technical and economic viability of the biorefinery we give high attention to the overall integration and optimization of the process including downstream separation process (DSP), energy streams, and water recycles.

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

Circular Plastics

PDC actively participates in projects that promote the concept of circular economy. As a member of MMAtwo consortium, we have contributed to the development of a novel process that fully recycles PMMA (polymethylmetacrylate) back to its monomer and polymer products like kitchen sinks  at considerably lower carbon footprint compared to conventional, fossil-based production. For more information, visit


Process Design Center and Direct Air Capture
PDC, Plantics

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint


Our start-up Plantics won the “Renewable Material of the Year 2021” Innovation Award! Plantics Biomaterials are based on a revolutionary invention by the University of Amsterdam that resulted in the first 100% bio-based thermoset resins in the world for new circular composites, foams, and coatings. PDC has been supporting Plantics since 2017. For more information, visit


Niels van Stralen,
CEO at ChainCraft
The Netherlands

PDC challenged our technology and helped improving our process design, which has become the blueprint for ChainCraft’s first semi-commercial scale facility in Amsterdam that produces medium chain fatty acids from organic waste or residues. Their PROSYN® technology and ideas have been implemented or are considered for future developments. Furthermore, they strongly supported us in our attempts to raise subsidies for further R&D and a full-scale factory.”