is the world’s most comprehensive AI knowledge product for process design. Process Water

Water stress is putting tremendous pressure on the process industry. The demand for efficient process water management, re-use, recycling, and waste-water treatment is at an all-time high.

Prosyn Process Water is designed to maximize recycling and re-use of process water and to support the most efficient technology Membranes

Over the past decades, interest in membranes has increased because of their separation performance and generally lower energy requirements. However, with at least 20,000 available membranes around the world, it is virtually impossible to select the most suitable one.

Prosyn Membranes is built on the knowledege of leading R&D partners, membrane suppliers, and industrial end-users and provides fast and structured selection and design of cost-effective membrane processes.


Enables Exploration

Input physical properties and chemistry and Prosyn explores suitable technologies, unit operations, and costing

Rule based AI 

Prosyn runs on an AI engine based on heuristic rules and numerical methods

PDC, creating better industry!

Better Insights

Reinforces R&D efforts by identifying essential knowledge gaps or sub-optimal design variants

It’s Extensive

Applicable to all common process industry sectors and at any scale

Process Design Center, creating better industry!

Build by experts

Build on 35 years of experience with 300 man-years investment, 800,000 lines of code and a rebuild value of $60 million