Circular Water

Water is abundantly used in our process industry, and without water, most processes come to a full stop. The process industry is aware that water resources are under pressure and that the water footprint of its operations has to be reduced. Circular water use is one of the important challenges of today.


is PDC’s novel approach to tackling circular water challenges.

PDC leverages its unique technology, approach, and extensive data base of water technologies to help companies close their water cycles in:

  • Existing processes
  • Integrated sites
  • New processes (from TRL 4–9)

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

New water management tool

PDC developed unique technology and approach to revolutionize process water optimization and circular water management. PROSYN® Water adopts a decentralized AI-based management of process streams…
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Process Design Center and Direct Air Capture