Third-Party Reviews

De-risking is one of our most appreciated added values

In case challenges get complex and important decisions have to be made, input from knowledgeable third parties is welcome.

PDC performed over 1000 independent third-party reviews.

Process owners, technology developers, and investors welcome PDC’s independent techno-economic reviews and assessments:

  • Early-stage concepts
  • Process designs (BOD, FEED)
  • Techno-economic feasibility
  • CO2 emission reduction potential
  • Energy cost-saving potential.
  • Industrial area development opportunities
  • Water-saving potential
  • Benchmarking
  • LCA and LCC
  • Permits
  • Audits

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

50 International

Since 2000 international Energy & CO2 benchmarking came into use to allocate CO2 emission rights. In most cases PDC was selected as knowledgeable independent party to set up and executed these quite complex process/energy/CO2 comparisons. PDC runs over 50 international benchmarks to date.


Process Design Center and Direct Air Capture


Daan Dijk, former
at Rabobank

PDC is one of the very few consulting firms that combine classical in-depth knowledge of the thermodynamics of unit processes with an industry broad overview of the costs and performance of available engineering solutions. This enables them to develop state-of-the-art energy efficient and cost-effective process designs. Their expert view and independent judgment helped me in making my own assessments.”