Who we are

our mission

“Creating better industry” by designing and improving processes with economic viability on an industrial scale

It is a challenging and gratifying mission with a profound impact and an undertaking in which we take great pride.

Human +
Artificial Intelligence are our greatest assets 

Our organization consists of diverse, highly educated, and creative individuals. They are eager to champion our mission and tackle the challenge.
We believe innovation is a joint effort. Thus, our partners and clients are at the center of our success.

our values




our philosophy

is our

• Learning on the job is the most effective approach that we have adopted to coach our people.
• We blend young and experienced people to arrive at innovative results.
We present opportunities for our people to take direct responsibility. This way, we empower them, accelerate their growth, and give them the freedom and the space to create and innovate.
We invest in your future by allocating resources to build on our joint ambitions.

Your PDC journey

PDC, Pioneership


We are at the forefront of the new process industry.

PDC, networking


Work with internal and external engineers and experts in the various sectors of the process industry.

PDC, PDC, Diverse & Comfortable Workplace

Diverse & Comfortable Workplace

Join a diverse group of professionals from different cultural backgrounds, genders, and religions where all feel welcome.
Comfortable working space tailor-made to your needs.

PDC, Global Scale Exposure

Global Scale Exposure

You will be in contact with our clients and partners from around the world.

Employees’ Testimonials


Ema Nemet, Process Engineer, Consultant

“Finding the place where I would be able to work on different projects and broaden my experience was something I have aimed at. I was content when I got the opportunity to do so at the Process Design Center. But not only am I able to work on different projects but I am also able do it with a great group of people. I would say that one of the things that adorns the PDC is the group of positive, enthusiastic and experienced people.”

Mohamed Mahmoud, Process Engineer, Consultant

“I was heard and respected from day one, and presented with opportunities to take a direct responsibility for diverse and unique challenges. As the name indicates, Process Design Center is the center where experts, high-impact organizations, and innovations come together to build the future of the industry, and being part of this mixture is highly rewarding.”

Juraj Hrstka, Process Engineer, Consultant

“Every project at PDC challenges different aspects of chemical and process engineering and always offers you enough room for learning. In combination with our great team, consisting of highly skilled and helpful engineers, the working experience is simply unique.”

Wei Zhao, Senior Process Engineer, Consultant

“I enjoy the warmth in the Process Design Center (PDC) family and the harmony among colleagues from multicultural backgrounds. International projects provide possibilities to contact partners from diverse fields and broaden the view of different (emerging) technologies. All these can explain why I have been working in PDC for more than ten years …”