Process Design Center, Prosyn® Membranes

Over the past decades, interest in membranes has increased because of their separation performance and generally lower energy requirements. However, with at least 20,000 available membranes around the world, it is virtually impossible to select the most suitable one. PROSYN® Membranes leverage human and artificial intelligence to address this challenge by providing the fast and structured selection and design of cost-effective membrane processes.

PDC is leading a project for the further development of the artificial intelligence knowledge-based system, PROSYN® Membranes, involving leading R&D partners, membrane suppliers, and industrial end-users. This project is executed with a Top Sector Energy subsidy from the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate under No. TEEI117002.


prosyn® Membranes
will be the world’s first artificial intelligence knowledge-based system for the selection and design of membrane separation processes

Why PROSYN® Membranes?


Heuristic–numeric assessment of membrane processes built on over 30 years of industrial experience supported by 1,000 Heuristic rules.

Applicability Analysis

 Comprehensive analysis of the applicable membrane processes for the specific separation objective.

Connecting Users to Manufacturers

Structured selection of compatible membrane materials and suitable module types.

Performance Analysis

Rigorous modeling of a wide range of membrane processes.

Early Cost Estimation

Better decisions made early in the design process by predicting capital and operating cost magnitudes.

PROSYN® Membranes will be made
publicly available after the project!