Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) is unavoidable in combating industrial greenhouse gas emissions and in helping tackle climate change.

PDC has already helped to save 7726 kilotons of CO2.

PDC has been a leading independent consultant active in industrial CCUS since 1993 in:

  • Conceptual designs
  • Independent third-party reviews
  • Cost reductions
  • Reductions in energy consumption
  • Improvements in (proprietary) processes

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

Smart-dac solution

PDC is supporting a start-up called CO2CirculAir to develop the SMART-DAC technology. It is a unique and cost-effective Direct Air Capture technology. In only 10×10 miles of area, SMART-DAC can neutralize the total CO2 emissions of UK in 2019 (468 million tones). Using membrane gas absorption and electrolysis regeneration the SMART-DAC system separates the CO2 from the air…. Read more +

“Roman watchtowers” along the Hadrian wall.

Process Design Center and Direct Air Capture


Jeffrey Felix,
CEO CO2CirculAir –
The Netherlands

We are very proud to partner with PDC in the development of our SMART-DAC process for capturing CO2 from the air. PDC’s expertise in process design has supported us in the further development of our process and in the design of a pilot-plant for the UK. A job well done! Personally, I also very much appreciate the opinions of experts as well as their evidence-based views. With their overall insight and experience in guiding the development of innovative activities PDC has been of great support. It is a real pleasure to have access to such a team of experts in the field of technology, science, engineering, finance and entrepreneurship.”