No. 1 in process design

“Process design can make or break your business.” by HANK KEUKEN, CEO of PDC

Initial process designs have an enormous impact on both the capital and operating costs of any manufacturing process. Besides completely new processes for chemistry, feedstocks, and materials, one can also consider a complete redesign of an existing process, something that may look high-risk but can be highly rewarding!


PDC has proven able to generate cost savings of up to 50%.

PDC’s disruptive PROSYN® technology can generate processes and process changes beyond most experts’ imagination in the:

  • Appraisal phase, TRL up to 2.
  • Initial process concept, TRL up to 4.
  • Pilot plant design, TRL 5–6.
  • Scale-up to demonstration plant, TRL 6–7.
  • First commercial plant, TRL 8.
  • Existing plant, TRL 9.
  • Next-generation designs.

PDC is there to help create a better, lower carbon footprint

Successful Shell redesign

In the 1990s PDC already created lower carbon footprint process designs for Shell International Chemicals (SIC).

“Referring to the joint PDC-SIC new-look process synthesis studies, we would like to express our appreciation for your work in generating process improvement ideas with lower capex, opex, and energy requirements. We especially enjoyed working with you with your full cooperation in creative, good-spirited sessions. We hope to envisage future cooperation with you to find further process improvements and savings.”

Steve Johnson, technology manager
Shell International Chemicals (SIC).

Process Design Center and Shell International Chemicals (SIC)


Victor Agreda,
former technical director and inventor of a reactive distillation process for the production of methyl acetate at Eastman
Chemical Company – USA

PDC is an outstanding consulting company for the process industries. Their ability to combine first principles in chemical engineering, particularly in thermodynamics, with their tool set in simulation, process synthesis, and process design enables them to provide their customers with a rigorous, yet practical approach. Their support complements and augments projects in highly value-adding ways.”