Process Research Foundation

Research Foundation

Mission and Vision

The PDC Research Foundation is a non-profit organization with the aim of developing and promoting sustainable products, energy, and production processes and to conduct related activities that support these goals.

PDC has been providing courses for over 30 years.

PDC supports ten of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Our focus areas
PDC, Research and Development

Research & Development

R&D is essential in coming up with solutions for the next generations.

Our spheres of action:
• Collaborating with non-profit entities and for-profit organizations on projects that aim to develop and promote sustainable products and production processes
• Supporting public platforms, such as PROSYN® Membranes and Wiki-LCA
• Launching initiatives that support sustainable products and production processes

PDC, Research and Development

Education & Knowledge-Sharing

Education and knowledge-sharing help to promote innovation and accelerate the industry transition toward sustainability. 

Our spheres of action:
• Providing Conceptual Process Design (CPD) and Pinch technology courses for professionals in industry, RTOs, and academia
• Providing courses for students in collaboration with universities and doctoral courses for the Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Twente
• Initiating and organizing conferences
• Organizing workshops in sustainable topics such as LCA/LCC, carbon capture, bio-refining, etc
• Publications and dissemination activities

In the 1990s, Process Design Center had already created a lower carbon footprint

Energy Transition

The transition from a fossil-based to a more sustainable industry is critical to maintaining our planet.

Our spheres of action:
• Supporting cost-effective solutions for the energy transition, such as in the framework of a national energy agreement
• Launching initiatives and collaborating with organizations to achieve the energy transition goals

PDC, Community


Sharing time, resources, and talents to contribute to our local community is very important to us.

Our spheres of action:
• Supporting local community activities
• Initiating and organizing public events