PROSYN® is the largest knowledge based system in the world of artificial intelligence offering a structured and systematic methodology to Conceptual Process Design and Process Synthesis.

PROSYN® enables to:Structure_PROSYN

  • Generate valuable ideas and process concepts
  • Evaluate and rank alternative technologies at a conceptual stage of development
  • Structure the technology development efforts by an integrated approach
  • Guide and reinforce R&D efforts by identifying essential knowledge gaps and/or closing dead-end streets
  • Give a design rationale / reasoning with underlying knowledge rules
  • Provide a capital and operating cost estimate (+/- 30-50%) at an early stage of development
  • Strengthen the IP and market position
  • Speed up time to market

PROSYN® structure and functionalities
PROSYN® consists of a large number of knowledge based systems for reaction, separation, reactive separation and energy efficient design as well as supporting systems for management, physical properties and data transfer, for example for validation by process simulation.

Unlike a database, the system applies heuristic rules (engineering ‘rules of thumb’) and numerical methods. Starting from the physical properties and chemistry the expert system determines the preferred technologies and conditions for reaching the highest driving forces for reaction and separation.

To allow quick estimates of capital and operational cost of process concepts we developed a proprietary conceptual cost estimation system. Although the system is intended for comparing costs of alternative concepts, it appears to be accurate enough for a +/- 30-50% cost estimate.

The development of PROSYN® started in the 1980s in a consortium with the German chemical industry. In total 300 man years have been invested to build a system of 800,000 lines of code and an estimated rebuild value of 60 MM$.

Development of knowledge based systems
PDC continues the development of PROSYN® by extending to new technologies and equipment becoming available to the chemical industry and by transfer to a new (web browser) platform.

A description of the PROSYN® expert system and its functionalities is available in this document.

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