Process Design Center, Prosyn® Water
Water stress is putting tremendous pressure on the process industry. The demand for efficient process water management, re-use, recycling, and waste-water treatment is at an all-time high. PROSYN® Water changes the traditional approach of handling those demands. It adopts a decentralized AI-based management of process streams by targeting them individually to maximize direct recycle and re-use suitability and overall treatment efficiency.

prosyn® Water
revolutionizes process water optimization and circular water management.

Why PROSYN® water


PROSYN® Water is built on 40 years of industrial experience and design rules to maximize water re-use and recovery of valuable components and energy.

Unique approach

 PROSYN® Water targets water-containing process streams individually, meaning contaminants are less mixed and present at higher concentrations. Thus, it maximizes the recovery of valuable components, the overall treatment efficiency, and the ease of direct water re-use.


Besides design rules, models, and heuristics, the system contains an extensive database of the current best available technologies.

Optimized Design

PROSYN® Water investigates a wide variety of possible solutions and determines an optimized configuration through structured design.

PROSYN® Water enhances decision-making early in the design process by estimating operating and capital costs.