Techno-Economic Evaluation

Capital-, operation-, and total production costs are key drivers in structured conceptual process design.

Evaluation of the process economics is not only essential to assess the economic feasibility of a new technology or process concept, but is also essential to:

  • select the most attractive alternatives during the conceptual design phase
  • steer research and development efforts by focussing on those aspects of the technology which are most crucial for the (techno-)economic feasibility
  • take stage gate decisions for piloting, demonstration or industrial implementation.

As part of our conceptual design tools, we developed a cost estimation procedure which allows assessment of the capital-, operation and production cost in an early stage of development.

Our expertise includes:

  • Economic feasibility studies
  • CAPEX/OPEX calculation
  • Benchmarking and rating of alternative technologies
  • Techno-economic sensitivity studies

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