Energy Pinch Experience Event – 2017

Energy Pinch Experience Event – 2017

To celebrate our 25 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency for the process industry, we organized the 2-day Pinch Experience Event. Subject of this event was pinch analysis: the proven key tool to increase the energy efficiency in the process industry. The event not only covers the basic principles of pinch technology, but particularly aims to give the participants a better understanding of how to apply the methodology in practice and generate feasible energy saving measures.


Though the pinch methodology has already been a part of the curricula of chemical and mechanical engineering education for over two decades, engineers are not often faced with it in their daily work. When engaged in energy efficiency, rather than by attending yet another refresher course on pinch analysis, engineers gain added value by experiencing the topic in an advanced and applied format from experts in the field. PDC/Keuken & de Koning BV have gained over 25 years of practical experience in the field of pinch analysis for existing industrial processes as well as for grassroots process designs.


The energy efficiency in the process industry can be increased if the power of the pinch methodology is better understood, the methodology is applied appropriately, and experiences are shared. Furthermore, the power of pinch technology can be boosted if the application is not limited to the actual process, but also covers the utility grid as an integral part of increasing process and total site energy efficiency.

To cover these aspects our 2-day Pinch Experience Event combines the following elements:

  • Selected parts of PDC’s successful advanced pinch course,
  • The success story of the company Qpinch on upgrading heat with chemical heatpumps,
  • A site visit to BASF Antwerp – one of the world’s largest integrated chemical production sites – to experience BASF’s Verbund principle.

BASF’s Verbund principle is about the intelligent interlinkage of production plants, energy flows and
infrastructure. Also, know-how and customers are intelligently connected to each other. In this system,
chemical processes consume less energy, produce higher product yields and conserve resources.

Target audience

The “Pinch Experience Event” is meant for managers and process engineers. Prior experience with pinch analysis is not necessarily required. Nevertheless, some experience in energy efficiency in the process industry will be helpful.

Contact information

For further information, please contact:

PDC/Keuken & de Koning
Ms. Marianne Niemantsverdriet
Phone: +31 (0)76 – 530 19 00

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