PDC Newsletter no.5 – May 2018

European Research Projects

With several other projects in the pipeline, Process Design Center is currently participating in
5 collaborative European Research Projects.

Industrially efficient water usage
See SpotView.eu
CO 2 capture by graphene aerogels and MOF materials
See Gramofonproject.eu
Renewable Solvents
See ReSolve-bbi.eu
Catalytic conversion of residual biomass
See BioCatPolymers.eu
New carbon capture process with MOF materials

In these projects, which run for 3 to 4 years, PDC applies the human intelligence of its experts and the artificial intelligence of PROSYN®. PDC is receiving a total of 2.3 million Euro in the form of grants from the European Commission to lead the conceptual design and techno-economic evaluation of novel processes. If you have ideas for new research projects where such work would be valuable, feel free to approach us.

Finally, please be informed that SpotView is organizing an interesting open Workshop in October.

PROSYN® – Membranes

Process Design Center (PDC) started a 4-year project to update and enhance the existing PROSYN® Membranes expert module together with Dr. Arash Helmi (photo right) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), University of Twente, membrane technology providers and industrial end users.
The objective is to make PROSYN® Membranes publicly available after the project. This tool to enable users to make a better pre-selection and evaluate possible membrane solutions.
If you are working in the membrane field or are interested in current or future membrane
applications, you can stay up to date by following PDC on LinkedIn.

PROSYN® Licensing – Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering

In addition to the PROSYN ® -based conceptual design services, we made a start to license the
PROSYN ® technology through one of our subsidiaries.
You can find a full description of the functionalities of the PROSYN ® modules on the Process
Design Center website via process-design-center.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/
If you are interested in the benefits this unique tool could offer you, feel free to contact
Hans Keuken or Hank Vleeming.

Energy Pinch Experience event

Since many years Process Design Center is involved in energy saving projects for existing
plants, new plants, total sites and industrial parks. Last year PDC organized an Energy Pinch
Experience Event together with Qpinch and BASF Antwerp. Because industrial energy savings
are a prominent topic on the international agenda, we are planning a follow-up Energy event
in Q4 of 2018. More details will follow soon.
If you have an interest or would like to join the event, please contact Marianne

Conceptual Process Design Course & PROSYN® Workshop 7-8 November 2018

After the successful and well-attended course in autumn last year, Process Design Center will again organize our Conceptual Process Design Course and PROSYN ® Workshop on 7 and 8 November 2018.
Developing or improving process concepts of a petrochemical or bio-chemical plant is a challenging and important task. After all, the conceptual process design has a crucial impact on the final plant design and cost. PDC has proven that by application of structured design tools and methods it is possible to realize cost and energy savings up to 20 – 50%! It is therefore important to maximize the impact of your conceptual process design efforts, especially in an early stage of R&D.
More information about the Course & Workshop can be found on the PDC website under the tab ‘training’.

Bio-based process development

PDC/Keuken & de Koning exists for more than 30 years with a strong focus on bio-based
process developments over the past decade. Developing or improving bio-based processes is
a challenging and important task, which has a crucial impact on the final plant design and
cost. Process Design Center has proven that by application of PROSYN® and other structured
tools & methods it is possible to realize cost and energy savings up to 20 – 50%!
To date Process Design Center developed and evaluated 13 different lignocellulosic biomass
fractionation and hydrolysis technologies for pulp & paper, chemical companies, local
authorities/harbors and technology owners covering a wide range of pretreatment and main
hydrolysis technologies, including steam explosion, weak & strong acid, alkaline,
supercritical, organosolv, ionic liquids, and enzymatic processes.
Besides the technologies, PDC addressed other major challenges in the development of
biorefineries and bio-based processes, including the overall integration of processing steps,
byproduct valorization, and minimization of water and energy use by efficient recycling and
treatment strategies.
PDC and PROSYN® could be of substantial added value to your projects. If you are struggling
to select the right technologies for a bio-based process, we may be able to help you.

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