Pinch Experience Event – 2017

Energy efficiency is important in the process industry. The pinch methodology has proven effective in gaining insights into how to improve energy efficiency by extending and intensifying heat integration. The pinch methodology can even cover optimization of the utility grid as an integral part in improving process and total site energy efficiency.

The process industry can go further in improving energy efficiency if the power of the pinch methodology is better understood, the methodology is practiced appropriately, and experiences are shared.

Rather than providing yet another refreshing course on pinch analysis, added value is gained if engineers engaged with energy-efficiency experience the topic in a more advanced and applied format from experts in the field.

PDC/Keuken & De Koning BV with over 25 years of practical experience in pinch-analysis now offers a 2-day “Pinch Experience Event”, which combines excerpts from PDC’s advanced pinch course and PDC’s experience as an energy consultant with success stories by start-up companies and operating companies.

Target audience
The Pinch Experience Event is meant for managers and process engineers. Prior experience with pinch analysis is not necessarily required. Nevertheless, some experience in energy efficiency in the process industry will be helpful.

For more information, click here. If you want to register for this Pinch Experience Event, click . For more information, please contact Marianne Niemantsverdriet by phone +31(0)76.530.1900 or by email.

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